Links to some groups, videos, and press coverage


Ben Opie Facebook group page

Some video/audio

Some of these are still images with sound, just to have something easily available publicly.

The first part of one of my favorite live sets (Flexure):

"Incline" from Concerto for Orkestra:

OPEK performing my piece "Little Wrenches"

Thoth Trio: "Nocturnal"

Throckmorton 4: "Badass." A hot little remnant from Space Exchange days, raw with no processing apart from what was happening on stage. (Saxophone with a lot of my custom Max programming):

Bombici: "Plevenski Kyuchek" (video, Char Stiles)

Sound/Unsound: "In Orbit"

Performing "Ben Opie" by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE:

Microwaves: "Antibody"

Water Shed 5tet: "Hedora"

Anthony Braxton/Ben Opie excerpts:

Premiere performance of Jesse Stiles' U+1F50C U+1F30B U+1F649: